About The Game

World's No. 1 Chemistry Adventure Game

ChemCaper is a chemistry adventure game that teaches fundamental (with emphasis on the fun!) chemistry concepts to teenagers aged 10 - 14 years old. Through this chemistry game, teenagers will learn chemistry topics like:
• scientific apparatus
• separation techniques
• groups of elements
• properties of elements
• types of chemical bonding

Developed by school teachers who feel that education should be fun and meaningful, students reported that they remembered 90% of the concepts taught in the game 6 months after playing the game for the first time! It was also really cute to hear terms like covalent and ionic bonding coming from seven year old students!

Get your kids to love science with this chemistry game! Get them excited to learn Chemistry concepts on the gadget they know and love! Explore unique environments, craft potions, and battle with collectible creatures, all based on Chemistry concepts and the Periodic Table!


Learning Features

1) Meet the Types of Elements - ChemCaper consists of diverse characters and landscapes based on the types of chemical elements in the Periodic Table. Learn the Periodic Table through encounters in the vast world of ChemCaper!

periodic table real life 

2) Bond with Chemical Bonding - Get to know chemical bonding by creating Petticles - cute collectible companions based on real life particles that fight Roub's battles.

3) Master the Properties of Elements - Gain knowledge of chemical elements and their properties with your Petticles. Become a master by battling with various enemies throughout the game!

4) Experiment with Separation Techniques & Apparatus - Learn separation techniques and scientific apparatus through potion crafting. Heal up! Get stronger! Move faster! Roub's going to need them to survive the wilderness of ChemCaper.

5) Link the Game to Reality - Discover the world of ChemCaper and how it links to the real world through the Chempendium - an interactive guide that bridges in-game content to reality!

6) Bonus: Enjoy the Great Soundtracks - Experience immersive learning with music by Norihiko Hibino, award-winning composer of the Metal Gear Solid and Bayonetta series!


Story Overview

What if your world came crashing down, and You. Weren’t. There.

Roub Idyum, a Moon Being, is charged with locating his people’s lost deity. He journeys to lush Camp Ungku upon rumours that a glowing, mysterious being was there. After crash-landing on the banks of sunny Camp Ungku, the uncertainty of his parents’ fate weighs upon Roub as news of attacks on his homeland, Reac Ta, crash upon his conscience.

Young, pampered Roub now bears the weight of his world on his shoulders to uncover the turmoil that riddles his home, whether he knows it or not.

Collect element orbs, brew potions, and bond Petticles (particles)! Journey with our hero as he fights to return home and save his parents. The question is... will he get there in time?