From the creators of multi-award winning ChemCaper...
(BonDing Box Cover)
Discover science though play!

Science time has become family game night!


Effective Learning

Step aside, textbooks! Knowledge sticks longer when you play compared to reading. BonDing captures the attention and memory of your kids.

Science Time, Family Time

Easy to pick up, hard to put down no matter the age! Get to know what your kids are learning in school!

Zero Chem Knowledge Required

You can be an absolute science dummy and still win. You'll be learning as you play.

How to Play

Classic Play

Competitive Play


“A really fun game that requires you to think and be focused. You'll want to play the game over & over again which will make you learn and remember the elements better while having fun!”

— Tanissha, 14

“A subtle revision on the types of bonds.”

— Chan, 16

“It’s very nice, very, very, very fun and very strategic.”

— Ariz H, 11

“[BonDing] is not just any ordinary card game, it is also good in a way where it helps us identify metal and non-metal bonds.”

— Leann K, 16