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STEM Movement 2017

  “Take action! An inch of movement will bring you closer to your goals than a mile of intention.” - Dr. Steve Maraboli, best-selling author and behavioral scientist. That’s the message behind the STEM Movement Event: Nurturing Interest in Science Through Game Based Learning last Saturday:   Action takers in the form of professors, teachers, headmasters, undergraduates and parents who are already carefully cultivating their students’ interest in science.   The event was organized by Ace Ed-Venture and was held ...

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ChemCaper's Valentine Quiz 2017 - What's Your Chemistry?

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ChemCaper's Valentine Quiz 2017 - What’s Your Relationship Chemistry?

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ChemCaperNews Update 2016

‘The new Trump administration...   Life after Brexit…     Milk made without cows…   The return of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers...   ...and so the wild and wonderful 2017 has begun. And all of us here at ChemCaper would love to begin it with gratitude for the amazing events we experienced in 2016.   FIRST ChemCaper became an award winning game. Better yet, it’s an awards winning game. Yes, multiple awards. First was the APICTA Award for Best ...

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Why Education Apps Can't All Be Free

Education does so much for people, it uplifts people out of poverty, it contributes to our economy and our well-being. Putting a price to it is like putting a price on progress. It’s priceless! We’ve been told by some that education games should be made free, and people have puzzled over why we charge for something meant to benefit the masses. We understand the sentiment that education is something so vital today that it’s considered a right, yet to continue ...

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