Teachers and Storytellers bring textbooks to life!

Why ChemCaper?
“Chemistry is one subject where every topic is interlinked. ChemCaper aims to help students understand the subject through play and help them connect the information,” said Melinda Lim, our Academic Director, who guided the team throughout the entire ChemCaper journey.

When we first started ChemCaper, all we really had was a vision. No details, no intricate roadmap, nothing beyond the plan of coming up with the best educational game possible. We had seen what was out there; we saw the limitations of other games and where they fell short.


But first things first: To do it right, we knew we had to have our bases covered, so we needed teachers, writers, designers and programmers. We needed a squad full of expertise, with just the right mix of crazy, ambition and passion. In a nutshell, we needed to put together our own little ChemCaper All Star team.

Our teachers from Sri Emas and Dwi Emas International School have always approached learning from different angles. Education and learning for our students is never just textbook work, exams, revisions, and pop quizzes. It’s about being immersed in the subject on so many more levels. Learning isn’t unidirectional and it’s never static. Our teachers are passionate about their students’ learning and their subjects.

Our ChemCaper Academic team: MJ Tan, Mellisa Foong, Ivan Se Hoo, and Melinda Lim

For the all of us, building a wonderful game like ChemCaper meant getting the facts right. Driven by the idea of making learning more accessible to kids, our Chemistry teachers cracked their heads together, ensuring every part of ChemCaper is as true as it can be! For a game that accurately reflects the IGCSE Chemistry syllabus, it really does bring textbooks to life!


The game and narrative designers: Williamm Wong, Erica Tham, Denissa Lim and Grace Tham.


There’s no point having the best Chemistry books if nobody wants to read it, right? We brought in our narrative team and…we don’t want to spoil it by telling you the storyline, all we can say is that it goes along the lines of saving a mythical land, making it a really exciting and captivating storyline!

Fuelling our two teams of teachers is little bit of coffee, and the understanding that we’re part of something really, really big. Our two teams of wonderful teachers saw one team giving us the best of Chemistry, with the other team putting in all the wonderful things that children love. There we have it, the finest education game the world will see.

So with the Why and How covered, let’s get to the Who:

Academic Director:
Melinda Lim, Bachelor of Engineering (Civil)

Directors / Game Designers: 
Erica Tham, Bachelor of Contemporary Arts

Grace Tham, Bachelor of Business
Williamm Wong, Diploma in Public Relations
Denissa Lim, Bachelor of Science (Hons) Biochemistry

Ivan Se Hoo, Bachelor of Science (Applied Chemistry)
Mellisa Foong, Bachelor of Science (Medical Bioscience), Masters of Management
MJ Tan, Bachelor of Science (Medical Bioscience)

Lead Narrative Designer:
Erica Tham, Bachelor of Contemporary Arts

Narrative Designers:
Grace Tham, Bachelor of Business
Williamm Wong, Diploma in Public Relations
Denissa Lim, Bachelor of Science (Hons) Biochemistry
Daryl Wong, Bachelor of Science (Medical Bioscience)
Tan Ger Koon (Ginger), Master in Forensic Science
Andrea Tee, Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Communication and Writing
Jens Schottmann, Bachelor of Arts (Journalism)



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