ChemCaper to take the stage at Google I/O 2015

After countless sleepless nights and gallons of coffee over the past two years, we’re hitting a big milestone this week. We’re going to be featured at Google I/O 2015!

Krispy (middle, with the cool shirt) bringing us around the Googleplex.

We first met Krispy, one of Google’s Developer Advocates (these are the people who help game developers along with little nudges in the right direction), at the Game Developers Conference back in March and we instantly hit it off.
One of the many things Krispy showed us was the Android TV which we absolutely loved! We decided to create on an Android TV version of ChemCaper as its large user base will help us reinvent education for millions of children.
ChemCaper was chosen to be featured at Google I/O as Google loved how we’re combining education and entertainment, bringing textbooks to life for one of the toughest subjects, Chemistry.
Krispy will be talking about ChemCaper on his segment ‘Gaming on Android TV’ at 11:30am, 29 May PDT. Members of the press can experience an updated version of ChemCaper – Petticles in Peril at both the Arcade Lounge (2nd Floor) and the Game Demo Area (3rd Floor). We’ll keep you guys updated when we have more photos, feedback from play testers, and videos! Stay tuned for our next post!

For more information, kindly visit ChemCaper.com, ChemCaper.com/press, and Events.Google.com/io2015