Potion Making is Passive Learning... WHAT?: Part 1

Greetings denizens of the world, it’s been a brief time of radio silence from us but rest assured that the Moon Beings, Slythes, Feirs, Reac Ta, Camp Ungku… EVERYTHING in ChemCaper, has been slowly but surely coming to life!

We’re putting the finishing touches to ChemCaper: Act I – Petticles in Peril, coming to your handheld in early 2016. But, not before a beta (which you’ll hear about very soon!) that every one of you will have the opportunity to participate in to have hands-on experience with the game and to let us know your thoughts; you will play a huge part in making ChemCaper the best that it can be!

In remembering why the idea of ChemCaper came about, bottom line: Make learning Chemistry fun. Chemistry has been voted one of the toughest subjects for high school students to grasp in the United States and all over the world. Equally, we also know that people learn best when they have fun. Now imagine actually learning Chemistry without knowing that you are, and all you’re doing is having fun playing a role-playing game.

Wouldn’t it be cool having the knowledge without first having to be in the classroom? EXACTLY. One of the gameplay elements (pun not intended) in ChemCaper: Act I – Petticles in Peril is apparatus tracing. This plays an essential role in the crafting of all potions in the game, real important stuff so that young Roub Idyum survives and thrives in his adventures… Without realising it, you’re also familiarizing yourself with the various apparatuses and experiment setups one would see in a Chemistry lab through repetition. Especially helpful for the tender young beings sitting for their school exams.





 The simple motion of tracing an apparatus is a crucial part in crafting potions that keep Roub alive.

The catalytic effect of passive learning!

Of course, making an effective potion takes more than just simple tracing, but we’ll explore more of that another time.

We look forward to delivering you more (mis)adventures from ChemCaper. Till next time, take care, beautiful beings!