Potion Making is Passive Learning... WHAT?: Part 2

Hi folks! Greetings once again and welcome back to the ChemCaper blog. Last time, we talked about the tracing component in ChemCaper's potion crafting as a passive means of learning about the various Chemistry apparatuses that exist.

Apparatus tracing is a solid skill to have. So, what next; sieve berries of different sizes! Pound those berries down with a pestle and mortar! Run the right kind of distillation and decant that potion-y goodness… Making a good potion is more than just having the tools and ingredients, it’s also about knowing what these building blocks do. In-game, this is the potion crafting process that ensures Roub Idyum has what he needs to make it through the obstacles that await him in his adventure.

Not quite end-of-story. Potion crafting in ChemCaper is also a representation of the real-life separation techniques used in Chemistry. By integrating them into the core of gameplay in this role-playing game, we can all learn without it being “just another boring Chemistry lesson”. Instead, we do it through our #1 rule: Having Fun!









Some examples of separation techniques used in potion crafting.

Chemistry, with the way it’s currently taught in schools, is broken down and segregated into individual topics and concepts. It has to be! Otherwise it would be too much for ANYONE to absorb. However, the problem with this is we grasp abstract concepts in isolation. In learning several isolated topics, we know many things about Chemistry yet not know much about it at all.

We lose sight of the big picture and are presented with a problem when trying to understand the links and relevance of Chemistry to the real world.









More examples of separation techniques used to craft potions in ChemCaper.

When we’re able to take lessons outside from the confines of the classroom and see what we learn applied in relevance to our daily lives, that’s powerful meaning put into those lessons. Seeing a potion made with real-life Chemistry? That ought to spark a curiosity or two about what else can be done with separation techniques in real life.







An example of a potion resulting from potion crafting done awesome! ;)

We need to re-instil the wonder of curiosity and learning again. Food for thought.

Till next time dear beings, be bold!