The Wait Is Finally Over




We’re here to reinvent education and move learning to the next paradigm. We're developing the world's 1st Chemistry Role Playing Game for kids aged 10 - 14. 



Worldwide, it’s a common problem for students that Chemistry is one of the subjects that's hard to wrap their minds around and grasp. 
ChemCaper aims to help students understand the subject through play and let them connect the information on their own terms.

Chemistry is one of those things that evoke very strong opposing emotions; LOVE and HATE. What if we could shift the equilibrium?
Cue ChemCaper, the world’s first Chemistry RPG where fun and facts bond to form a new game-education compound. (The EXACT equation is far too complicated to contemplate.)
It started with our teachers lamenting, “If ONLY our students could get as excited about learning the sciences and math as we are.”
Through ChemCaper, our vision to impact the lives and learning of as many students as possible, can become a reality. We bring Chemistry to children the way they want to learn, on a medium they love! We want to bring a paradigm shift in education where 10-14 year olds are introduced to Chemistry way before it is introduced in school as ‘Chemisery’. 
We will be launching ChemCaper at Game Developers Conference on 16 March. Do drop by our booth (330, South Hall, Moscone Convention Centre), and if you would like to schedule a 30 minutes time slot with one of our directors, throughout March 16th – 18th  please register here.
You can also get a copy of our press kit here.
Check our our trailer video
Looking forward to seeing you there!