ChemCaperNews Update 2016

‘The new Trump administration...


Life after Brexit…  


Milk made without cows…


The return of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers...


...and so the wild and wonderful 2017 has begun. And all of us here at ChemCaper would love to begin it with gratitude for the amazing events we experienced in 2016.



ChemCaper became an award winning game. Better yet, it’s an awards winning game. Yes, multiple awards.

First was the APICTA Award for Best E-Learning (Malaysian region) that we did not expect. This allowed us to fly to Taiwan and compete at the Asian level…

And we won the APICTA Award for Best E-Learning (Asian region) and had the honor of proudly holding up the Malaysian flag on the big stage.

The IMGA Award for Best Meaningful Play (Asian Level) was very meaningful to us. At ChemCaper, we strive to make a difference in how children learn by bringing fun and meaning to our games.



Do I hear rockets launching? No, that was ChemCaper! Act 1 was launched in March 2016. Along with that came being Steam Greenlit and a successful Kickstarter Campaign.

This is a shout out to all of our fans who have been supporting us through thick and thin. Thank you. Without you, we wouldn’t have made it this far.



We signed two MOUs with the amazing folk at Teacher Gaming Store and Polkuni. We look forward to an exciting working relationship with them!

ChemCaper got an extraordinary chance to be tested in schools in Hong Kong, Finland and Malaysia. The feedback from students and their teachers was mostly positive. Celebrate!

In 2017, two of the schools we are attached to are fully adopting ChemCaper in their classrooms! More exciting updates to follow!



The most unexpected gratitude of all.

We are thankful for the challenges, the tough times and people ChemCaper has had to deal with in 2016.

Without them, we would not have the opportunities to learn and grow, improve ChemCaper and be on the path to achieve awesomeness.

When we began, we honestly did not expect to come this far (but we certainly hoped). We were a bunch of teachers who wanted to do right by students who had to learn ‘chemisery’, hopeful artists who wanted to help evolutionize education and programmers inspired by the dream and hope of making it happen. We certainly have a lot to be thankful for.

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