Find out which ChemCaper group you belong to with this fun, Valentine’s-themed mini game!

Try to imagine yourself in the world of ChemCaper. Will you be a decorated, honourable warrior of the Feir clan? Or maybe you factionalise with the eccentric Moon Beings!


This Valent-ine’s Day, the Ace Ed-venture Studio is here to help you figure out your clique with ‘A Valent-ine’s Tale’, a personality test infused with high school rom-com charm and a dash of Nicholas Sparks. With the special incorporation of a choose-your-adventure theme, there’s more than just your quiz results to look forward to! End the story, still tearfully single? Or will it be happily-ever-after?


The unique concept of ‘A Valent-ine’s Tale’ was the handiwork of our two young interns of the Studio, one of which had constructed it upon their first go at a new engine, while another got creative in writing out its webbed storyline. Taking on the challenge of spicing up what could’ve been a classical personality test wasn’t easy! The work was about crossing that idea over with an interactive short story and a light-toned dating simulation.


While also a learning experience for the creators of the Tale, the end result which you see is enjoyable, anticipative and possibly nostalgic—and of course, done not without the help of the Studio artists as well!


Explore your love life and find your ChemCaper family by clicking on the link below! Your choice, your experience, your fate. Happy Valent-ine’s Day!




“The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.”

Carl Gustav Jung