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Help! My Child is Addicted to Video Games!

We’re talking video game addiction. For all the good games can do, they can also be misappropriated, and too much is bad. Parents, the fact that you are reading this article means that most of you often have to deal with your kids' unhealthy gaming habits: playing late into the night for too long, neglecting their homework and chores. It's worrying that your children seem idle, sitting all day and night in front of a screen playing useless computer games. But before ...

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4 Reasons Kids Love Pokemon and Learn From Them

We were all once kids. Depending on the generation you were from, you may have played some collectible character type of games. Perhaps you used to play Tamagotchi, Digimon, or Pokemon. Or maybe you were born in the era before technology boomed, and you raised REAL pets! (some of us still do today, of course) Whichever it was, we felt strong bonds to the little creatures who a little part of our worlds revolved around. Indeed, many fans remember most of ...

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4 Ways To Make Learning Science Fun

“Games are good for my kids *raised eyebrow*… Hmmm...” If that sounds like the inner monologue you have when someone tells you games are good for learning, I can’t really blame you. But what seems like an absurd statement is, in fact, true. Gamifying the learning experience is how we’ve been making it fun for our students, keeping them engaged. We encourage our kids to play, on all levels. That positive learning can come from video games is ...

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5 Reasons Chemistry is a Tough Subject

It’s not a secret that Chemistry is widely considered to be one of the trickiest subjects in school. We all know it’s tough, but what is it about this so-called central science that makes it such a challenge for many of us? Over 100 elements to learn, lots of new prefixes and suffixes that mean very specific things, and a new system of noting chemical equations. Chemistry is abstract concepts, combined with math, and has it’s own language - that’s 3 ...

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Why Learning and Playing Games go Hand in Hand

Games may have just overtaken textbooks as the method of choice for students to learn in school. One of the prime examples is MinecraftEdu – a version of Minecraft built for classrooms – which has been around since 2011, and forms a staple in class rooms in over 40 countries. I wrote a separate post delving a little deeper into Minecraft Edu which you can find here. With so many books, learning tools and revision sheets out there, why would you consider ...

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