ChemCaper Edventures


Anne Tham, ChemCaper's founder, shares her story

Dreamt up of and driven by teachers, ChemCaper will change the way students learn.   We caught up with Anne Tham, who is first and foremost a teacher and ChemCaper’s founder. We sat down with her for a little chat about ChemCaper, her journey thus far, and what she sees in the future of education.   1. The story of ChemCaper is that it was conceived over coffee. What inspired you guys to create an educational RPG? The game came about ...

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ChemCaper to take the stage at Google I/O 2015

After countless sleepless nights and gallons of coffee over the past two years, we’re hitting a big milestone this week. We’re going to be featured at Google I/O 2015!   Krispy (middle, with the cool shirt) bringing us around the Googleplex. We first met Krispy, one of Google’s Developer Advocates (these are the people who help game developers along with little nudges in the right direction), at the Game Developers Conference back in March and we instantly ...

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ChemCaper @ The Indie Prize Showcase Singapore

ChemCaper is now in the running to bring home the Indie Prize!   We’ll be heading down to the Lion City this Tuesday (19th May)to Thursday (21st May)for The Indie Prize Showcase!   Attendees of the three-day exhibition will get to experience ChemCaper – Petticles in Peril. We’re really looking forward to demo-ing ChemCaper because so much more work has gone into the game since our San Francisco visit. The Indie Prize at Casual Connect will be ...

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Teachers and Storytellers bring textbooks to life!

Why ChemCaper? “Chemistry is one subject where every topic is interlinked. ChemCaper aims to help students understand the subject through play and help them connect the information,” said Melinda Lim, our Academic Director, who guided the team throughout the entire ChemCaper journey. When we first started ChemCaper, all we really had was a vision. No details, no intricate roadmap, nothing beyond the plan of coming up with the best educational game possible. We had seen what was out there; we ...

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